Saturday, December 09, 2006

meeting more children of africa

i stayed in nj this weekend to catch up on some work. this evening jen invited me over to her home for dinner and it was such a delight to meet her family...her husband Claude who is from Zambia and their two miracle twins maryam and justin --two tiny children of africa--who were delightful, happy, bubbly bundles of loving energy.

it was especially delightful to reminisce with Claude about african childhoods...the people, the music, the experiences of "divine assistance", the insects, snakes and animals, the food...the memories came back so tangibly i could almost touch them.

Claude plays the guitar to the kids before they go to sleep at night. he has a set of wonderful african drums in the living room next to jen's piano. maybe one day i will have the pleasure of hearing the music they make.

what a luminous home. how grateful i am to have had the honor of spending time in it this evening. it was one of those wonderful and mysterious "gifts from above."


Blogger Sham said...

Delighted to stumble on your blog, and promise to be an avid reader. Arian misses you and has become the biggest Putumayo fan! See you soon.

5:35 PM, December 20, 2006  

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