Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the apartment has such nice hardwood floors...i just love hardwood floors.

when i took these pictures my books were not yet sorted. I have at least two shelves worth of books from my fathers library of Baha'i books. Most of his wonderful collection went to the Zimbabwe National Baha'i center library where he spent a great deal of his later years organizing and building up their collection. many of the books have his name printed in capital letters in the cover J.D. SARGENT.

I hung up my most prized chinese painting painted for me by Yang Lin's father--an accomplished and recognized artist in Taiyuan, Shanxi. He even inscribed it to me on the right using the characters of my chinese name. I will post a picture later that i took while he was painting it for me.

Yet another prized possession is captured in this picture: Marzieh Gail's silver flower vase which reminds me of days spent with her in San Francisco learning Persian and entertaining visitors who she would humor, at their inevitable request, with stories of meeting 'Abdu'l-Baha when she was a child or "the Beloved Guardian" when she was a teenager in France. Every time she told the story she would tell it as though it was the very first time she had ever told it so as not to give her guest the vaguest feeling that she might be weary of repeating the same story so many countless times throughout her life. (I must add some of her books to my reading list to read or reread. )

spartan simplicity in the bedroom. i think i will try to keep it like that as much as possible. feels pure and rarified somehow. on the wall a picture that my father brought back from Shiraz. it seems he did some geological work in Iran or went on a trip there in the late 1960s...another question for my brother.

i love the tile on the bathroom floor :)

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