Thursday, August 03, 2006

Family Legends

I have heard this family legend on a couple of occasions... it goes something like this...

our great great great (not quite sure how many greats) grandfather Phineas Sargent was a whaler. The whalers would get out of the ship and into the little whaling boat to chase the whale with the harpoon. On one of GGGGrandfathers Phineas' whaling trips the boat capsized and the whale smashed the boat to pieces and GGGG Phineas happened to grab onto the piece of the boat that was still attached to the rope and the harpoon that was attached the whale. The whale dragged GGGG Phineas for quite some time and even under the water before the rope came loose from the wood and GGGG Phineas was saved.

Hmmm... I need to read Moby Dick. I don't think i ever read it.

Another family legend that i heard from Cousin Dave for the first time is about our Great Grandmother...

My grandfather grew up on a dairy farm in Vermont. His mother raised turkeys and was very successful in her turkey business... so successful in fact that she bought a car! (this was in the early 1900s) it was her car and she was the only one who knew how to drive it. i wonder what kind she had and where she bought it and what year that was exactly.

My grandfather left Vermont when he joined the service during World War 1. He was stationed in South Carolina where he met my Grandmother. They later settled in Windsor Locks, CT where he found a job.


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