Wednesday, August 02, 2006

John Sargent 1923-1998

In May I devoted a whole month to the memory of my mother on the previous incarnation of this blog. Perhaps I will try to do something for my father this month, though I may not be able to keep it up as i have so many pressing tasks to complete this month.

My father was born January 18, 1923 in Springfield, Massachussetts and passed away August 12, 1998 in Harare, Zimbabwe. The last couple of weeks have been a wonderful way to learn more about my father's early history as I have moved into the area where he was born and raised. Added to this has been the bonus of cousin Dave's visit. I get to hear stories of my father's parents and the town where he grew up.

I can now attach places to the snippets of family stories that I remember here and there. My father, the oldest of three sons was, by his own account a "troublesome" child from the start and frequently a cause of concern to his parents. There is the story of him and a friend playing on section of ice on the Connecticut River one winter and then the ice breaking away and flowing downstream prompting the need for a hair raising rescue.

The way that i remember it, my grandparents were already worried about my father's commitment to Christianity when he was in his early teens and so invested in a private all-boys Christian high school in Northfield Massachussetts called Mount Hermon. So many years later my father continued to receive the Mount Hermon newsletter in Zimbabwe.

Cousin Dave took me there yesterday. Wow!! what a beautiful school! the school is nestled in the New England forest with majestic buildings and spectacular views.

Cousin Dave's father, the second son, was also sent there. Uncle Robert was the model son, a replica of his noble Christian father. It was nice that we two children of these two wonderful men were here to honor them together. We saw the school way off in the distance on our way there. I had spotted a yarn store called "Ewe and Me" and Dave stopped so that i could buy some specialty yarn for xl. but the shop was closed. we noticed the school off in the distance while we were stopped and i got a nice shot of it.

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