Wednesday, August 23, 2006

World Music

I love to find things that I love :)

I LOVE this online radio program that i have discovered. love love love it...

go here

and click "listen now"

i just just borrowed a CD from the public library that i listened to and listened to and never tired of called "Music from the Coffeelands" and it was from this show and i discovered the two completely independently of each other...

well not completely love of world music kind of led me to both.

while i am on the topic i would also like to recommend the fabulous music of

amadou and mariam

amadou and mariam are both amazing musicians, they are married and they are both blind... i am a tremendous fan.

they were introduced to me by dear Georges, my friend, the Belgian demographer who is a lover of Africa too and who has devoted his life to researching the AIDS epidemic there.


Blogger leila said...

dear child of africa,

ta for tripping over to my blog. sorry you found such a negative review of a movie you really liked---i found a very few scenes enjoyable, but i really was disappointed with it. too disjointed for a saturday night, possibly.

anyway, the review HERE is great! i went to the link for amadou and mariam, but couldn't listen to any of the music they have on their site! is there somewhere else i can go?

love from leila

10:40 AM, September 12, 2006  

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