Friday, November 09, 2007

Tea and thoughts matter

I am sitting here savoring a beautiful moment immersed in some gifts that I recently bought for myself and that just arrived today. These gifts are all the more special as they make me think of some of the precious friends who are filling my life with wonder and beauty this year.
I am listening to music played by a Turkish instrument called the taz on the cd Music from the Tea Lands that was played at the devotional gathering the other night.

This CD goes VERY well with the book that was recommended for me when I asked R.H. about prayer and whether or not he had any suggestions as to how I might enter a deeper state of connection with God through meditation.
The book draws on the Christian mysticism of the early "desert monks".
I have only read the first couple of chapters but I already see that this is JUST what I need at the moment and have needed for some time. It offers such sound magnanimous guidance for those who would walk a spiritual path through life. It offers advice on how to gain some focus and to rein in the power of thought.

"Only when I sensed the power of my thoughts and was able to renounce them could I hear the ever so small voice of God deep inside...The work of everyone of us is interior work, the practice of training our thoughts."


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