Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How the world eats

My dear Chinese family members recently enjoyed an article in Time magazine about How the world eats. the article took pictures of families around the world with a week's worth of groceries displayed in front of them along with how much the groceries cost.

Here is the family in Ecuador.

BM are keen budgeters and strive to buy the best quality groceries for us all at the cheapest price. Not easy to see what is in the shopping cart on our last trip to the Chinese supermarket but it includes: fish, meat of various types, lots of Chinese greens, eggplants, wonton wrappers, lychees, sweet bean paste, chilli sauce...The bill came to 70 dollars. Not too bad for a family of four adults. Far below the two American families that are shown in the Time magazine article which were 347 dollars, and 159 dollars. In addition to lots of fresh veges, our meals frequently include home made steamed bread (huajuan) and home made freshly pressed soy milk.

While we were at the Chinese supermarket I photographed the varieties of zong zi (see earlier post on the Dragon Boat Festival) that were available.


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