Thursday, June 07, 2007

School lunch

School lunches have been debated for some time in the U.S. See this article from the Williamsburg Health Journal which includes the following typical lunch description--

Entree: Choice of wafer steak and cheese sandwich or a ham and cheese sandwich
Sides: Two selections from a choice of au gratin potatoes, oven baked beans, or pear halves
Drink: Milk (1%, skim, or low-fat chocolate)

Dessert: Brownie

This is the school lunch that Jessie brought for me to eat on the day I visited her school in the center of Beijing. All students eat this same lunch and the faculty too if they wish. Steamed dumplings with pork filling, cucumber and carrot salad, salted turnip, and millet soup. Very simple, tasty, satisfying and healthy. At least I know which lunch I would rather eat.

Shamim has sent me some other interesting links on the subject of school lunches in the UK

From the BBC: School dinners around the world and

Jamie's school dinners


Blogger Sham said...

There is also a lot of discussion in the UK about school lunches - and a lot of moves by govt and private organisations, including famous chefs!, to try and improve it
see this link:

10:27 AM, June 07, 2007  
Blogger George Wesley said...

How wonderul to read your China posts! With your permission I would like to excerpt from your post on the wedding you attended with a picture or two.

11:18 AM, June 07, 2007  

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