Saturday, June 02, 2007

Chinese abundance

I am back from my month in China. Overall impressions include: sensory stimulation, abundance, progress, people people people, activity, noise, color, heat, dust, graciousness, efficient and quality service...

in case you are considering moving to China but are concerned about being deprived... here is a small video clip from inside a supermarket in the provincial capital of Gansu--Lanzhou. It is a supermarket like you have never seen with endless aisles and all kinds of interesting goodies to buy. Here you can find almost anything your heart desires from Snickers bars to "thousand year old" eggs. My own desires included Lipton tea (the flavor is slightly modified to suit the Chinese palate and I actually like Chinese Lipton tea better) and cartons and cartons of yogurt. I just love Chinese yogurt. It is just slightly sweet and I miss it ever so much after I leave China. I also miss my daily dose of mung bean icecream. Sigh.

Another example of Chinese abundance from across the street from the supermarket above. A medicine shop. I just love medicine shops in China. I go in to browse around just for fun. I was merrily shooting this little video when a security guard came to ask me to stop. While there i bought many tiny tins of Tiger balm as gifts and little licorice tablets which i find indispensable to soothing my allergy activated cough.


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